Callie: Wanted: Somebody who's got what it takes to clean up the whole Wild West. In other words: a sheriff. And that's me! Sheriff Callie! And when I say "sheriff", I mean somebody who keeps their talent safe.
Dirty Dan: Help! (gets rescued from the waterfall by Sheriff Callie)
Callie: With my Magic Lasso, bullseye!
Train Passengers: Whoa!
Callie: Yee-hah! My sparkly horse Sparky: giddy-up Sparky! Let's go! And my trusty sidekicks Toby and Peck, we'll protect the whole Wild West.
Disney Junior Male: Come and see how the West was fun.
Callie: Sweet sassafras!
Disney Junior: Right here on Disney Junior The Channel. It's Sheriff Callie's Wild West, right here on Disney Junior The Channel!
Villagers from Nice and Friendly Corners: Yee-hah!
Callie: Well, I'll be!