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(Open up on Nice and Friendly Corners)
Peck: Looks to be a fine day for fishin', First Mate Toby. Fishing poles ready?
Toby: Yep.
Peck: Life vest securely fastened?
Toby: One prickle-proof life vest for this cactus.
Peck: Then, oars up. And row!
Toby: Aye-aye, Captain Peck.
(Toby rows and Peck uses his fishing pole)
Callie: (giggles) What are you fellers up to today?
Toby: We're practicing for our Best Buddy Fishing Trip!
The Prairie Dogs: Their Best Buddy Fishing Trip
Toby: We're goin' to Lake Whacchalookie to catch Old Big Fins!
Callie: Well, that sounds like a whole heap of fun.
Toby: Yeah. I can't wait to go fishing with my best buddy, Peck. (his prickles touch Peck's life vest, deflating it, and Peck goes flying in the air)
Peck: (screams)
Toby: Sorry, Peck. I'm a pokey cowpoke. You know, prickly-prickly.
Peck: That's okay, buddy. I'll just slap on a patch and blow it back up. (Peck pushes the pump)
Toby: Wow! Look at you go, Peck.
Girl: Excuse me. Can any of you tell me where to find the train station?
Toby: (gasps)
Girl: I'm wantin' to catch the train to Junctionville.
Callie: Howdy, partner. The station is just over yonder, but the train doesn't leave for two hours.
Girl: Two hours? Oh, my, that's quite a wait.
Callie: Well, there's plenty to do in Nice and Friendly Corners.
Bunnies: (simultaneously) Hello, sheriff./Hi.
Callie: And everyone here is real nice and friendly.
Girl: (laughs) Sounds like I'm waitin' in the right town. My name's Polly May by the way.
Callie: I'm Sheriff Callie.
Polly May: Oh, sorry, sheriff. I shouldn't shake hands. We porcupines are kinda, you know, prickly-prickly.
Toby: (chuckles) Hey! That's what I always say!
Peck: There. Good as new. (again, his life vest is deflated and he flies around in the air)
Polly May: Sorry. Guess my prickles popped you.
Peck: Don't worry. I got another patch in my hat.
Toby: Jeepers, Polly May. You really are prickly. Just like me.
Polly May: You're prickly. I'm prickly.
Toby: You're a porcupine. I'm a cactus.
Polly May/Toby: We're both prickly.

(Song: I Found a Prickly Pal)
Toby and Polly May: When you've got prickles,
Life's a tricky thing
Polly May: You pop balloons
You poke your friends
Toby: Yeah, I'm the prickle king

Polly May: A porcupine's an animal
Toby: A cactus is a plant
Polly May and Toby: But we can still be prickly pals
Who's to say we can't?

Toby: You're all full of prickles
Polly May: You've got prickles too
It feels real good to hold your hand
Toby: I'd like to dance with you

Toby: Well, I'm a pokey cowpoke
Polly May: And I'm a prickly gal
Toby: It looks like after all this time,
Polly May: I found a prickly pal

Toby and Polly May: It looks like after all this time,
I found a prickly pal

(Peck's life vest deflates)
Peck: (sighs)
Toby: You know, Polly May, since you've got a couple of hours before your train leaves, you wanna play with us?
Polly May: I'd love to!
Toby: Great! Come on, Peck! Let's go!
Peck: But we're not done practicing for the Best Buddy Fishing Trip!

(cut to Polly May and Toby)
(The two prickly friends are throwing popcorn at each other.)
Polly May: (laughs)
Toby: (laughs)
Polly May: (laughs) I've never had so much fun being prickly before! I feel like a Christmas tree! (laughs)
Toby: Decorated with the most delicious ornaments ever! Popcorn. (laughs)
Peck: That looks like fun.
Toby: Oh, it is. Here, Peck. Catch! (throws popcorn at Peck) Oh, sorry Peck. I forgot you're not prickly.
Polly May: Like us.
(Polly May and Toby laugh)
Toby: Yeah. You two wanna do somethin' else?
Polly May: Sure! More prickly stuff!
(Polly May and Toby laugh)
Peck: I was thinkin' about fishin'. (walks away, sighs)

(cut to the desert)
Toby: Oh! I know! Let's run through this field of cotton-ball bushes!
Polly May: Yeah! The cotton-balls will stick to our prickles!
(Polly May and Toby laugh)
Peck: Oh, wait for me on account of I'm Toby's best buddy!
(Polly May and Toby run through the bushes and laughs)
Toby: We look like snowballs.
Polly May: Yeah! We're big, cottony snowballs.
Polly May and Toby: (rolls down the hill) Whee!
Peck: Hey! Wait up! (bumps himself on the hill, grunts)
Polly May and Toby: (laughs)
Peck: (bumps himself on his way down the hill) Ouch! Ooh! Ouch! Ouchy! Ouch! Ouch! Oh! Ugh! Ouch! Oh!
Toby: Did you see us, Peck? Did you see us roll down the hill like big, cottony snowballs?
Peck: Uh, yeah, that was great.
Toby: Come on, Polly May. I've got another idea for some prickly fun. You comin', Peck?
Peck: I'm a-comin'.

(cut to Farmer Stinky's barn)
Peck: (to Farmer Stinky) Say, have you seen Toby and...? (Farmer Stinky points at where he seen Toby) Thanks.

(Cut to Polly May and Toby. They're sticking onto the barn)
Polly May: Dude, that was great. Let's do it again.
Toby: Upside-down this time!
(Polly May and Toby stick onto the barn)
Polly May and Toby: Whee!
(Toby laughs)
Toby: Oh, being prickly is fun.
Polly May: It's the best! I'm so glad to finally have a prickly pal!
Toby: Me too. Oh, did you see that, Peck? We stuck to the barn. (laughs)
Peck: I bet I can stick to the barn too. Watch this. (He hops off the pillow but falls off the barn and yells, groans)
Toby: You okay, Peck?
Peck: (groans) Never better.
Polly May: You don't seem okay.
Toby: Maybe, you should sit this one out.
Peck: Yeah, sure. Good idea. (sighs) Just go on without me.

(cut to Nice and Friendly Corners)
Peck: Oh, Clementine. Toby's got a new buddy. He doesn't want an un-prickly woodpecker friend like me. Might as well face facts. The Best Buddy Fishing Trip just became the All By Myself Fishing Trip.

The Prairie Dogs: Peck is feeling left out
He's really feeling blue
He thinks that he has lost his friend
But that just isn't true

Callie: Have fun on your fishing trip, Peck!
Peck: I'll try.
Callie: Hmm. Wonder what's got Peck so down.

(cut to Peck in a boat by himself)
Peck: (sighs) This Best Buddy Fishing Trip sure would be better if my best buddy was here.

(cut to Polly May and Toby)
Toby: You're gonna love fishing with Peck. Not only is he my best buddy, he's a great fisherman too.
Polly May: I can't wait!
Toby: Oh. Howdy, sheriff. Is Peck ready for our Best Buddy Fishing Trip?
Callie: I reckon so. I saw him headin' out to the lake with his fishing poles.
Toby: Oh, he must be waiting for us there. Let's go! He can't steer the boat without these oars.
Callie: You mean he went out to the lake without any oars? I reckon I oughta come with you to make sure there's no trouble a-brewin'.

(cut to Peck)
Peck: (sighs, gets a fish biting his pole) Whoa! I got me a bite! (Old Big Fins yells) It's Ol' Big Fins! (gasps) I'm gonna need a bigger boat! (Old Big Fins pulls him around and he screams) WHOA!!! FISHY!!! WHOA!!!
Toby: I don't see Peck anywhere.
Polly May: Where do you suppose he could be?
Peck: (getting pulled by Old Big Fins) Help!
Toby: There he is!
Callie: Sweet sassafras! He got Ol' Big Fins! Or Ol' Big Fins got him! Hold on, Peck!
Peck: Whoa, fishy!
Callie: (grunts while pulling rope) Toby! Throw me the oars!
(Callie surfs across the oars)
Polly May: That fish sure is strong!
Callie: I'm a-comin', Peck!
Callie: (gasps, gets flown into the air and loses the oars)
(Callie gets in the boat)
Peck: Oh, howdy, sheriff.
Callie: Howdy, deputy. I thought I'd help with a little catch and release. (grabs onto Ol' Big Fins) Yee-haw! (chuckles) Whoa, Big Fins! Whoa, boy!
Toby: (laughs) Yeah! Way to go, sheriff!
Polly May: Ride that fishy!
Callie: There you go, big fella! You're free! (grabs onto the tree)
Peck: Whoo! Thanks, sheriff!
Callie: You're right welcome, deputy.
Toby: Peck, are you all right?
Peck: (sighs) I'm all wet, that's for sure.
Toby: Well, why'd you go fishin' without me?
Peck: Well, 'cause, I saw how much fun you were havin' with your new prickly pal, and didn't think you'd want to spend time with an un-prickly woodpecker no more.
Polly May: I guess we did just play prickly games.
Toby: Aw, I didn't mean to leave you out, Peck. You and me are best buddies. We'll always be.
Peck: Even without prickles?
Toby: Of course.
Peck: Well, hearing that makes this deputy one happy bird.
The Prairie Dogs: Peck is one happy bird
(train whistles nearby)
Polly May: There's my train.

(cut to the train station)
Polly May: I'm so happy I met you, Toby.
Toby: Me too, Polly May. I'll come visit you in Junctionville real soon.
Polly May: And maybe, when I visit again, you, me, and Peck can do something fun. Something we all like to do.
Callie: Now, that's a mighty fine idea, Polly May.
Peck: Yep. Sounds fine as feathers.
(train whistles)
Callie: Bye.
Peck: See you later. Take care.
Polly May: I'll visit soon.
Toby: (to Polly May) Bye. (to Peck) Well, Peck, you ready to go on our Best Buddy Fishing Trip?
Peck: Heh heh! I think I've had enough fishin' for today. Let's say we head to Ella's and have ourselves a Best Buddy glass of milk.
Toby: Great idea, best buddy. (Toby's prickles touch Peck)
Peck: Ow.
Toby: Great idea.
Peck: (Toby's prickles keep touching him) Ouch! Oh! Ouch! Oh! Ugh! Ugh!

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