Full credits for The Pie Thief and Fool for Gold
Executive Producer

Holly Huckins
Executive Producers

Denis Morella & George Evelyn
Supervising Director
Howard E. Baker

Directed By
George Evelyn
Supervising Producer

Nancy C. Evelyn
"The Pie Thief" 
                                                      "Fool For Gold"
Written By                                          

Krista Tucker                                           Written By 
                                                     Scott Gray and
                                                    Joe Ansolabehere
Story Editors 
Kent Redeker                                          Story Editors            
Joe Ansolabehere
                                                     Joe Ansolabehere

                                                       Kent Redeker
Developed for TV By

Holly Huckins

                                 Mandy Moore

                      With the Additional Voice Talents of

                       Lucas Grabeel             Jessica DiCicco

                 Gary Anthony Williams          Kevin Michael Richardson
                Carlos Alazraqui                             Cree Summer
                Mo Collins                                  Jeff Bennett

                            Voice Casting & Dialogue Director
                                      Allyson Bosch
                                Art Director
                                Denis Morella

"The Pie Thief"                                      "Fool For Gold"
Storyboard By                                         Storyboard By
David Prince                                          Patricia Wong

                                Lead Color Stylist

                                  Scott C. Adams

Character Designers                                  Background Designers

Tim Blair                                           Valentino "Achiu" So

Avner Geller                                          Geoffrey Anderson
                               Production Manager

                               Audrey Geiger-Ford

                              Production Coordinator

                                  Laura Tulloss
                               Main Title Theme By
                                Mike Himelstein

                                   Score By

                         Michael Turner & Mike Himelstein

"The Pie Thief"                                                 "Big City"

Music By                                                        Music By

Mike Himelstein                                               Mike Himelstein

Lyrics By                                                       Lyrics By

Mike Himelstein                                               Mike Himelstein
                              Animation Production by
                             Xentrix Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Post Production Supervisor                                 Editors
                                                         Tom Sanders

Robert Brousseau                                        Joelle Kristy

On-line Editor                                         Color Correction

James Hereth                                            David DiMatteo
                              Sound Supervisor

                               Jeff Sheridan

              Dialogue Engineer           Assistant Dialogue Engineer
                 Dan Montes                    Dustin Burford

                                Sound Design

                           Nick Gotten and Wes Otis

     Re-recording Mixer                               Foley Artist

      Nick Gotten                                     Diane Greco
                             Production Controller

                                 Chuck Evelyn

      Script Coordinator                                Asset Coordinator
        Lisa Kettle                                        Lisa Atlas

      Writers' Assistant                               Educational Consultant

        Chelsea Meyer                                      Vicki Ariyasu

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                               All Rights Reverved