(Episode opens up on Peck, who is handing briefcases over to Toby.)
Pecos: I sure do appreciate you boys loadin' up the stagecoach for me.
Peck: Our pleasure, Pecos Pug. (hands a briefcase to Toby)
Toby: Yes, sir! Our pleasure! (grabs briefcase from Peck) Happy to lend a... (grabs another briefcase) Whoa! (falls over) ...Hand.
Pecos: Whatcha got there, Sheriff?
Callie: Two saddlebags full of gold coins goin' to the brand new bank in River Town.
Toby: River Town? Isn't that on the other side of the... (gulps) Scary Prairie?
Pecos: Yep! Sure is!
Peck: Now, I forget. How come they call it the Scary Prairie again?
Pecos: Because it's chock-full of scary folks! Outlaws, bandits, bad guys. Like the Banjo Bandit of Gizzard Gulch.
Toby: (gasps; camera zooms in) The Banjo Bandit?

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