Sheriff Callie's Wild West Theme Song is a song shown at the beginning of each Sheriff Callie's Wild West episode. This is the only time where Sheriff Callie breaks the fourth wall.


Town: Yippee-i-oh, yippe-i-ay
Callie: Hey, I'm Callie! And I'm the sheriff,
Got my badge here on my vest
I'm ridin' and ropin' and makin' friends
Some say I'm the best in the West
We're singin' yippee-i-oh-ki-ay
All: Yee-hah!
Callie: It's Sheriff Callie's Wild West!

All: Yippee-i-oh-ki-ay Yee-hah!
Callie: Saddle up and ride on in
Learn what it means to be a friend
Sheriff Callie
Town: Yippe-i-oh, yippe-i-ay
Callie: In Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Peck and Toby: Yee-hah!


Sheriff's wild west
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Music Video

Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Theme Song01:02

Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Theme Song

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