Ridin' is a song from Callie Asks for Help when she is needed to help a lot of people. It is sung by Tio Tortuga when he tells the story about how the Wild West got Helping Hand Canyon.



First Part

Riding, riding, riding,
Sheriff Callie went a riding.
Sheriff Callie went a riding 'cross the plain.
She would answer every call,
Helping townsfolk one and all...

Second Part

...So she rode back and fourth across the plain.

Third Part

Riding, riding, riding. Helping, helping, helping...


First Part

Riding, riding, helping. Helping, helping, riding. Callie went a helping 'cross the plain.

Second Part

Sparky's hooves were digging deeper
And the canyon got much steeper
They were digging a groove into the plain

Third Part

When she thought the day was through
There was still so much to do
It turned out she was needed once again

Fourth Part

Back and fourth, diggin' in
Fourth and back, digging deep
Back and fourth, they rode across the plain
Churnin' up, diggin' down
Diggin' deep until they found they dug a canyon,
And there, they would remain.

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