Priscilla Skunk
Priscilla Skunk
Full Name

Priscilla Skunk





Resides in

Nice and Friendly Corners

Eye Color


Hair Color

None (she doesn't have any hair)


Uncle Bun, Sparky, Toby, Sheriff Callie, Deputy Peck, Tio, Doc Quackers etc.


"Billy Goat the Kid" (Jail Crazy)



Animal Character


First Episode

"Horseshoe Peck" (during the song Horseshoe Peck Is The Best)

Last Episode


Voiced By

Cree Summer

Priscilla Skunk is a very beautiful and good-smelling female skunk. She resides in Nice and Friendly Corners. In, "Horseshoe Peck", he hugged Peck. In Peck's Bent Beak, she offered Peck some "Belly Sinker Biscuits", which bent his beak. Priscilla kissed Deputy Peck after helping her find her lost love bird, Dolly, in "Priscilla's Lost Love Bird". She is also Farmer Stinky's cousin.


Despite her beauty, she likes to be the center of attention to the point where she doesn't like sharing the spotlight with anyone - even Sheriff Callie. Sometimes Priscilla is jealous to Frieda Fox because of being a known celebrity, gets a lot of attention from the residents of Nice and Friendly Corners making Priscilla jealous. She's also very concern about her hygiene. That is what making the difference about on her cousin, Farmer Stinky. It is because he doesn't care about his hygiene.

Priscilla Skunk is dancing for song "Priscilla Got the Frizzies" from Sheriff Callie Wild West THE MOVIE - 2nd RODEO Across the Second Dimension, describing Priscilla afro & frizzy hair. 

This is the first song where Priscilla is alonе in the song. The way Priscilla hair frizzes resembles the style of afro popular in the 1970's among African-Americans. Her dance moves are reflective of that. This song reveals that Priscilla hair gets frizzy & afro in humid weather.


Female Singer: Whoa whoa yeah! She's gonna be a big sensation, Priscilla got the Frizzies! Priscilla, Priscilla got the frizzies. Cause she's sportin' major kinkification, Priscilla got the Frizzies! Priscilla, Priscilla got the frizzies. And now she's gonna tell you how Priscilla got the frizzies.

Priscilla: It's because of the humidity!

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