(Opens up on Peck cleaning up Sparky)
Toby: Wow! Look at you go, Peck!
Peck: There. As deputy of this fine town and owner of this here mule, I proclaim that she is now officially spiffy.
Clementine: (brays)
Peck: You're right welcome, Clementine.
Clementine: (bites on the hairbrush)
Peck: Hey! Give me back that hairbrush. Clementine! (grunts) Let go!
Toby: Jeepers! Look how strong she is.
Peck: She's strong all right. (grunts) Strong and stubborn.
Toby: Well, she is a mule. That's what they're good at.
Peck: And they never... Slip... Either. Even in the... (slips in the mud) Whoa! Mud.
Toby: But you slip really well, Peck. (chuckles)
Peck: Thank you.