May the Best Brother Win is a song performed by Dirty Dan and Dusty in My Brother's Sleeper when they're not able to be on the same team during the Nice and Friendly Corners' Bed Race.


Dirty Dan: May the best brother win
Dusty: Brother, you're the best
Dirty Dan: No, no, no, you are number one
'Cause you're the best brother in the West
Dusty: May the best brother win
Dirty Dan: I know it will be you
'Cause you're the best brother
Dusty: No, you're the best brother
Both: Brother, you know it's true
Dirty Dan: You can really move
Dusty: Well, you're really fast
Dirty Dan: You're a real Go Getter
Dusty: I mean maybe, just maybe
I'm a wee bit better
Dirty Dan: Well, we both look purdy in the mud
'Course I might look a little bit purdier
Dusty: Yeah, but brother, you'd have to agree
I get a little bit dirtier
Both: May the best brother win
They're puttin' us to the test
May the best brother win
And brother, this brother is the best


BMI Work #17310999

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