(Opens up on Uncle Bun)
Uncle Bun: Well, let's see. I got sticky molasses, apples, peaches, blankets, soap...
Peck: Howdy, Uncle Bun.
Toby: Hi.
Peck: Just came by to see if you had any birdseed for me.
Uncle Bun: Sure do, deputy. The supply wagon just came in with a big shipment for my store. Everything from fishing poles to feather pillows. Here you go. (gives Peck the birdseed)
Peck: Thank you kindly, Uncle Bun. (Clementine eats the birdseed) (gasps) Clementine! Birdseed is for birds! You're not a bird. You're a mule.
Clementine: (neighs)
Peck: (to Clementine) (laughs) Guess you must be hungry. (to Uncle Bun) Could I get an apple for Clementine?
Uncle Bun: Of course, deputy. (the box of apples fall out of the wagon) No!
Peck: Hoppin' horsetoads!
Girl: Oh!
Uncle Bun: Oh dear.
Peck: Well, don't worry, Uncle Bun. It's my deputy duty to rustle up all runaway fruits. You apples come back here! Stop in the name of the law!
Toby: I'll help too. (finds an apple) Oh. There's an apple.
Uncle Bun: Careful, Toby. Don't wanna poke the horse with your prickles.
Toby: What? (he touches the horse with his prickles and the wagon goes fast)
Uncle Bun: Yikes!
Toby: Whoa!
Peck: (a pillow falls on his head) Hey. Who turned out the lights?
Uncle Bun: My prickly pears!
Adult Rabbit: Oh my!
Uncle Bun: Whoa! Slow down! (he continues yelling and screaming)