(episode opens up on Nice and Friendly Corners)
Toby: (jumps around) Yippee! Woo-hoo! Yeee-haw! Hahaha! (pokes Peck)
Peck: Yowch! Careful, Toby. You're a pokey cowpoke.
Toby: Oh. Sorry, Peck. I'm just really excited about makin' a wish on a fallin' star tonight!
Callie: I'm excited too, Toby. The first time I saw one, I was just a kitten.
Toby: Did ya make a wish?
Callie: I surely did. I wished I'd be a sheriff one day. (spins star)
Toby: And your wish came true! I hope my wish comes true. It's a really good one.
(Priscilla, Dillo, and Doc join in)
Callie: Howdy, folks! Ready to wish on a falling star tonight?
Dillo: Sure am!
Doc: Indubitably!
Priscilla: (pulls out wish list) I have my wishin' list right here! Just a few little things. (list stretches out)
Dillo: It's gonna take a lot of falling stars for all those wishes. You think we'll see that many?
Doc: We will from the top of Wish Mountain!
Toby: Wish Mountain? What's that?
Doc: Only the tallest peak in the area, and the best place to wish on a falling star!
Toby: Can we go there, Sheriff? Can we?
Callie: I don't know, Toby. I've never been to the top of Wish Mountain before.
Priscilla: Me neither.
Doc: I haven't either.
Dillo: I've never gone.
Peck: (off-screen) Well, I have! (camera zooms in on Peck)
Callie: You've been to the top of Wish Mountain, Deputy?
Peck: Oh, sure. Growin' up, my family used to go there all the time!
Toby: Could you take us, Peck?
Doc: Yeah, Deputy!
Priscilla: Pretty please?
Dillo: Come on, Peck.
Peck: Well, I don't know. It's... been a long time...
Toby: But you still remember the way, right?
Peck: Of course! Like the back of my wing!
Callie: Well, you could be our leader, then.
Peck: You mean, like,... (camera zooms in on his face) ...the leader, leader? (gets excited) Whoo-hoo! (pause) I mean, that sounds nice. Okay! As the leader, I say it's gettin' late! Anybody who wants to go to the top of Wish Mountain, follow me!

(Song: Follow Me)
Peck: Follow me, I'm the leader
We'll have a rootin' tootin' fun day
Follow me, I'm the leader
Come on, everyone, walk this way

I'm just as sure as I can be
I'm the leader
Follow me

If you do exactly what I do
You just can't miss
Take each step the way I step
Do it just like this

(they slide down the hill)

Peck: Follow me, I'm the leader
We'll have a rootin' tootin' fun day
Follow me, I'm the leader
Come on, everyone, walk this way

I'm just as sure as I can be
I'm the leader
Follow me
(song ends)

(Toby and Peck bump into each other.)
Peck: Oof!
Toby: Woooooooooooooooow.
Peck: Here we are, folks! Wish Mountain!
(camera shifts over to reveal the rest of Wish Mountain)
Doc: Now, that is what I call a promontory of palpable proportions!
Dillo: And it's...tall too! (trips) Whoa-oa-oa-oa! (falls down) A little too tall.
Callie: So, which way do we go, Deputy?
Peck: Umm... Umm... Well... This way! Follow the leader!
Dillo: Here we go!
Doc: Right behind you.
(camera zooms in on a sign hinting where Wish Mountain is, which is the path Peck's not taking)
Prairie Dog Trio: Looks like he's goin' the wrong waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

(cut to Peck and co. taking the wrong way to Wish Mountain)
Peck: Bridge ahead!
Callie: Sure doesn't look like it's been used in a long time.
Peck: Yeah, it doesn't. But, this is the trail. I'm sure of it. Come on!
(camera zooms out to show Peck and friends crossing the bridge, wood starts creaking)
Doc: (yelps) I-I don't believe bridges are supposed to sound quite like this.
Priscilla: Or move like this either. She's waltzin' like a willow in a windstorm!
Toby: I like it. Whee-hee-hee! Haha! (gets to the end of the bridge)
Peck: See? That wasn't bad. We made it!
Callie: Not all of us.
(camera angle changes to reveal Mr. Dillo)
Dillo: (nervously) You all have fun. Bye-bye now.
Peck: Now, hold on there, Mr. Dillo. You can make it. Just go nice and slow.
Dillo: Ohh...okay. I'll try. (starts walking across the bridge) Oh, say. Th-this isn't so bad.
(The bridge breaks loose)
Dillo: It's bad! WHOA! (starts rolling across the bridge)
Callie: I gotcha, Mr. Dillo! Let's go fishin', noodle lasso. (catches Mr. Dillo)
(Mr. Dillo breathes a sigh of relief.)
Callie: Now, to fix this bridge. (starts fixing the bridge)
Dillo: You said the bridge was safe, Peck.
Peck: Well, somethin' heavy must have gone across it and broken it since I was here last. Uh, ooh! Like a herd of elephants! Or buffaloes! Or...elephant buffaloes!
Everyone: Elephant buffaloes?
Callie: Uh, Peck. Is there somethin' you need to tell us?
Peck: Like what, sheriff?
Callie: Like, maybe you're not sure of somethin'.
Peck: Nope. I'm sure. Now, come on, everybody. If you wanna get to the top before the stars start to fall, follow me! There'll be no more trouble! You'll see.
(everyone sees a giant tower of rocks and gasps)

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