(Opens up at where the chili cook-off takes place)
Callie: A little higher, higher. Perfect.
Peck: Hoppin' horsey toads, Sheriff. This is gonna be the best chili cook-off ever!
Priscilla: I surely agree. My pretty pink chili is gonna have everybody tickled pink!
Dirty Dan: Our double dynamite gold miners' chili is gonna blast yer boots off!
Callie: I reckon everyone's chili is gonna be mighty tasty. But the blue ribbon goes to the one who makes the best chili of 'em all.
Peck: (chuckles) And we all know who that's gonna be: Doc Quackers, on account of he's never lost a chili cook-off yet.
Dirty Dan: (laughs) Aw, we know that, Deputy. The rest of us are here for the fun of it.
Dusty: And the taste of it.
(all talking indistinctly)
Peck: Say, Sheriff, where is Doc, anyway?

(cut to Doc and Toby)
Toby: Wow! Look at all those ribbons!
Doc: Oh, those? Eh, funny, I hardly notice them anymore. I have so many they just blend in like wallpaper. Uh, I got that one for my chili formula JF-264. It was an oniony extravaganza of excellence! This was formula HB-765. A virtual panoply of peppery pizzazz!