(opens up on the town as it looks like they are having some sort of celebration)
(Tio is trying to pick corn)
(Uncle Bun comes by)
Tio: Slow down there, Bun! You're making me dizzier than a twitter flying a tornado! Whhhoooooaaaaa-- (he falls over on his shell)
Uncle Bun: Sorry, Tio. I want everything to look (starts jumping) just right for the big Corn Pickin' Day Party. And I can't reach the top of this here tree.
Callie: (from a distance) I can! (camera zooms up to her and Sparky) Time for a good ol' gallopin' flip, Sparky!
Sparky: (neighs)
(Sparky flips Callie into the air)
Callie: Yee-hah!
Uncle Bun and Tio: (gasps)
Toby: Wow. That was amazing! (the balloons pop) Ah!
Peck: Maybe, I'd better do the balloons.
Toby: (chuckles) Good idea. I'm a poky cowpoke.
(Priscilla comes in)
Priscilla: All hail Priscilla, the Corn Pickin' Day Corn Queen!
(townsfolk cheer)
Priscilla: (gasps) How nice!
Peck: A giant corncob? (walks over to the wagon) Lunch time! (his beak hits the giant corncob and clangs and hurts his beak) Ooh, ouchity! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
Dillo: My corncob hat looks pretty real, doesn't it?