Callie's Blue Jay Blues
Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Callie's Blue Jay Blues - Blue Jay Birds
The blue jay birds are threatening to steal corn!
Season: 1
Production code: 105b
Broadcast number: 18
Written by:
Storyboards by:
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
January 29, 2014
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Toby the Cowsitter"

Sheriff Callie must figure out a way to stop a pair of blue jays from stealing Farmer Stinky's crops.

Episode Summary

The episode starts off on Tio. Uncle Bun walks by and he's preparing for the Corn Pickin' Day Party but he can't reach the top of the tree so then, Callie offers to help Uncle Bun. Then, Priscilla comes in as the Corn Pickin' Day Corn Queen. Peck and Toby and Callie go to Stinky's farm.

At Farmer Stinky's farm, everyone notices that half of Stinky's corn is gone, when Callie starts suspecting that corn bandits are on the loose. They come up with the idea to hide when the corn bandits come so they hide in the hay. Then, we see two birds named Ray Jay and Jay Jay swoop in and decide to take the corn. After Callie fails to catch the "corn bandits", they fly away. So Callie, Stinky, Peck, and Toby help catch those birds.

The next scene takes place with Stinky and Callie riding their horses. Stinky finds a blue feather, thinking it's the corn bandits. But instead, it's the snake's straw hat.

Back at Peck and Toby, Peck is dressed like a scarecrow. When Peck hears something, he thinks that it's the corn bandits, but instead, it's just a piece of tumbleweed.

Back at Callie and Farmer Stinky, they're still chasing after the blue jay bandits. They plan a way to surprise the blue jay birds. When the blue jay birds are about to fly away, Callie catches them. When Callie says "Your days of being corn bandits are over!", Ray Jay and Jay Jay confess that they're not bandits.

Back at Ray Jay and Jay Jay's farm, they explain that they used to grow their own corn, but there hasn't been rain on their farm for months, meaning that everything has dried up. That's when Callie teaches the birds a lesson not to take things that doesn't belong to them. Callie plays a short song entitled, "Ask For Help". During the song, Callie helps the birds grow their corn.

Back at the Corn Pickin' Day Party, everyone is having fun after the corn collected from Ray Jay and Jay Jay, who are the Corn Pickin' Day kings. After that, it turns out that it's much better asking for help than stealing, and that ends the episode.


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