Bug Trouble
Bug Trouble
Sheriff Callie gets Pecos Pug out of jail. Pecos went in jail because of eating right out of the Cookie Jar. Sheriff Callie then asks if he can stop putting his hands in the Cookie Jar.
Season: 1
Production code: 113b[1]
Broadcast number: 38
Written by:
Storyboards by:
Broadcast Information
Disney US Premiere:
June 6, 2014[2]
International Debut:
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Paired with
"Here Comes the Sun"
Guess my berries'll be nothin' but a bug's lunch.

— Farmer Stinky

Sheriff Callie helps the townsfolk learn to work together when bugs threaten to eat Farmer Stinky's berry crop.

Episode Summary

Farmer Stinky's berry plants are in danger of getting eaten by a swarm of berry-eating bugs, so Callie asks everyone in town for help picking the berries. But the problems happen when the townsfolk argue about how to pick a berry.[3]


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